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3D Impressions & Virtual Tours

As a developer or architect you normally start with 2D plans of a property to sell. Unfortunately for many buyers it is difficult to see the bigger picture through a 2D plan and see the potential of a residence. A lack of visualization often hampers this process. We want to stimulate the selling process by giving the potential buyers a complete, excellent perspective and almost photographic image of an unfinished property.

We create 3D impressions of the interior and exterior of your property or project. We can also provide you with high quality 3D virtual tours. As you take a virtual tour, we take you through every room in the house. This gives an excellent perspective for buyers who can`t visualize the end product. With the target group in mind, everything is worked out in a clear, almost photographic 3D image.

3D Sales Styling

Sales styling in 3D provides a solution for a problem also realtors often have; that potential buyers have trouble seeing the bigger picture of a house for sale and can't see the potential of a residence. The current arrangement, furnishing and decoration is often the problem.

Thatís why we provide the 3D styling service. Where a normal stylist takes up a lot of money and time, we design a virtual image of an existing room within a particular residence. We make sure that the new residence is presented spatial and neutralizes explicit elements like personal taste and color. When the target group is established, an interior concept and design are made by which the possibilities of the particular residence are fully used. Finally, the final draft is worked out and is visualized in a clear, almost photographic 3D image.

Experience tells us that the images stimulate the curiosity of potential buyers, which increases the amount of views. Also, this approach has the advantage that existing rooms don't need a drastic change or a reconstruction. So thereís no need to spend extra money on a residence that is about to be sold!